Lily is a full time Principal Lecturer in Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University where she is currently Subject Group Leader for Journalism. She specialises in  digital journalism but also teaches academic subjects including research methods, journalism issues, media law, ethics and public affairs.

Research interests include digital journalism and the regional press, and journalism education. Lily welcomes collaborative research projects on these topics and can be contacted via email on

Her previous teaching experience includes a  maternity cover post at De Montfort University and working as an associate lecturer at The University of Sheffield and Southampton Solent University teaching undergraduate, postgraduate and international students. Lily also has experience as an examiner for the journalism body the NCTJ  marking Public Affairs, Reporting and the Portfolio.


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Book reviews

The Digital Journalist’s Handbook in Journalism Practice

Participatory Journalism: guarding open gates at online newspapers in Journalism Studies

Citizen Witnessing: Revisioning Journalism in Times of Crisis in The International Journal of Press/Politics

Online Journalism: The Essential Guide in Convergence

Reuters Digital News Report 2014 in Digital Journalism

Peer reviews 


Digital Journalism

Journalism Studies

Journal of Media Practice

Onati Socio-Legal Series

International Journal of Press/Politics

International Journal of Communication

Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies


Lily has now completed her doctorate entitled Web 2.0 and the changing relationship between British local newspaper journalists and their audiences. The research focused on two case studies: Leicester Mercury and Bournemouth Daily Echo. The data collected included interviews and surveys with journalists and readers, news room observation and a content analysis of social media / reader comments. Findings from the two reader surveys can be viewed in this presentation: Initial questionnaire data


View the presentation here: Research, teaching and practice slides

  • Lily recently presented a paper at the 2012 MeCCSA conference in January. The paper title is: The interactive spectrum – the use of social media in UK regional newspapers.

View the presentation here: The interactive spectrum presentation slides

  • Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff, September 2011: The source, the resource and the collaborator: The role of citizen journalism in UK local newspaper.

View the presentation slides here: source, resource, collaborator .

Lily has also presented a paper at the 2010 ICS PhD Conference in Leeds.  


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