FREED UK is a charity based in Northampton, England that supports the deprived community of Nandom in the Upper West region of Ghana. The group strives to support the provision of healthcare and education in this largely forgotten remote, rural area of West Africa.

The organisation is made up entirely of volunteers which include doctors, dentists, teachers, nurses, cabinet makers and others from Northampton and across the UK. The team fundraises each year and has been taking regular trips to Nandom since 2007.

Past projects have included:

  • Training nurses at Nandom Hospital
  • Providing the area with an ambulance
  • Opening a dental suite
  • Building a kitchen at Nandom Hospital
  • Creating a medical library at Nandom Hospital
  • Refurbishing a library at Ko A Primary School
  • Building toilets for Ko A Primary School
  • Constructing a borehole at the hospital farm

Lily works as a volunteer for the charity and was appointed official press officer in 2011. She has visited Nandom twice with her cabiner maker husband Mark Dayman. As a journalist Lily Canter reports on the work of FREED UK and all of its volunteers for various local, national and international media including newspapers, magazines, websites and radio stations.

Lily also helps to promote the organisation, fundraise and build partnerships with other charities and organisations including Tools for Self Reliance, Greenworks and The Art of Wood.


 Media reports 



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